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10 Incredible Animals With Real Superpowers

10 Incredible Animals With Real Superpowers

You might be fan of superhero movie but there are animals with real superpower you never knew. Know them.

by Asif Akram on 25 February 2018
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1. Chitons can make their own magnetic teeth.

These molluscs might not have a face, but they do have the ability to make their own teeth out of one of the hardest materials made by a living organism: magnetite.
2. Hairy frogs break their bones and push them out through their toes to make claws.

Yup, like Wolverine.
3. Pit vipers can see in infrared.

So there's nowhere you can hide (except maybe a freezer).
3. Alpine ibex mountain goats can walk up walls.

 Here are some scaling the Cingino Dam in Italy to lick the walls for mineral salts.
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